Food Blogging about Food Blogs

Kids are in bed! Quick, time to write some thoughts down before I get too tired, too lazy or too crazy to remember any of them!

Note One: When working with children in the home, most times your meals consists of eating the uneaten scraps off their dinner plates.

– Conclusion: Why do i feel so heavy? Oh yah, I just stuffed like 15 tortellini and some scraps of meat into my mouth in under a minute. Right.

Note Two: People read blogs that are short, sweet and to the point. I’ve realized this while learning more about baking. I skip all the fluff and go straight to the part I like – THE RECIPE! If you say, “FALSE” – how many blogs have you sat down and read thoroughly? I can name only a one or two, which doesn’t leave much hope for any of my earlier posts 😉

– Conclusion: I want to start food blogging, yet don’t have the talent, time or tenacity that comes with keeping a “fun and fresh” blog. So I’d thought I’d share some of my favorites with you along with some of the recipes I have enjoyed over the past three months!

Sandwich Bread – watch the youtube clip on how to knead the dough. It’s worked for me EVERY-SINGLE-TIME. Which is a grand statement coming from the girl who hits her mark probably 25% of the time.

Cinnamon rolls – made these for Christmas morning to continue my mama’s tradition here on the island. Joy is my go to for anything “baked goods”. Her recipes are reasonably simple and she has some really good stuff.

Lastly, everyone’s favorite brownies – these are some of the most fudgey, darkest brownies I have every made but they are A-MAZ-ING!

Well, that’s all the writing for me tonight, the boys are playing kick-the-wall-and-giggle-loudly to avoid going to bed. I remember when I use to do that…

Dear mom and dad,

I am sincerely sorry.

Happy Saturday to you all!


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